Monday, December 12, 2011

Deep Turns at Smugglers Notch

The usual early season snow storms have been just about non-existent this season. Temperatures were above average hampering snow-making efforts and delaying the opening of many resorts throughout the state.  The weather is finally starting to cooperate, but the ski resorts have some catching up to do for the busy holiday season just around the corner.

Camels Hump from Madonna Mountain.

Quickly getting our fill of dodging people on a crowded trail, we decided explore the quiet side of the mountain.  We knew there wasn't much of a base (or any base at all) but managed to slash a few turns and make 4" of windblown on top of grass look like.... 8" on top of grass.  
 Dalton getting his fix.

 Chris making it look deeper than it is.

 Danielle enjoying a couple of well deserved turns.

Keep your fingers crossed for a big nor'easter!!  It has to happen eventually....