Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Recycled That......

The late afternoon light filters through the clouds guiding our eyes away from the shoreline to the picturesque views typical of postcards and magazine covers.

The intimate reality on the flooded sandy shorelines of Lake Champlain is a colorful array of synthetic polymers (Anyone want a guess as to what this green object is?). 

I often wonder if our lips could survive without lip balm, so small, so easy to drop unawares. How many have I dropped unknowingly in my lifetime?

Styrofoam, didn't we outlaw this stuff a long time ago? Brought to us by the Dow Chemical Company and potentially lethal when ingested by animals in large amounts, Styrofoam is cheap, but not when it comes to the recycling process.

Plastic is light, less expensive to ship, and doesn't break in comparison to glass products.

I was surprised to find this full mayonnaise jar, but not tempted to open it.

The most common plastic objects still intact were bottle caps. But most of the litter consisted of small rainbow shards of broken plastic.

Seeing the red object below brought back childhood memories of walking to the corner store with a dollar bill in hand to buy an over-sized sweet strawberry gem. I enjoyed flashing my "bling" to the cars passing by.

Ah, the infamous lighter litter. So easy to drop off the side of a water craft. Never found without a cigarette butt within five feet of its vicinity.

I guess all litter isn't bad. What's that people say, "One dog's trash is another dog's treasure."?

If you think that plastic is no problem click here: Plastic is no problem.


Maris said...

Danielleeee so aware of the repercussions of the laziness in this world. I am guilty yes but having your voice in the back of my head has made me much less lazy than most people so I thank you for giving me a bit of sense to carry with me on this journey of living a gooder greener less plasticky life :)

djk said...

green object = garlic oil/odor stick to keep them pesky deers off my azaleas!