Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lake Champlain - Record Flooding

Lake Champlain has now surpassed the 102 foot "maximum known lake level" recorded at Rouses Point in May of 1869 and is not expected to reach its peak until Saturday morning.  The water is flooding lakefront homes, closing roads, eroding shorelines and creating various problems throughout Vermont.  These photos were taken at Perkins Pier and Delta Park.  Delta Park is a large floodplain where the mouth of the Winooski River meets Lake Champlain.

At Perkins Pier the benches remind us of the grassy park now submerged by the spring melt and rains.  Unfortunately, the bike path in this area will need some work to repair it.

The following photos were taken near the mouth of the Winooski River at Delta Park.  Here you can see the sand and silt of the Winooski River being deposited in Lake Champlain.

 Low lying homes and roads are flooded.  


The animals of Delta Park are doing what they can to find higher ground and wait out the abnormally high water.  Here, some groundhogs wait for the water occupying their den to retreat.

Muskrats can be seen in abundance at Delta Park. 

Lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a mink.

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